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Sharp Health Plan is a commercial not-for-profit health provider that has been servicing Californians for the past several decades. The company size and medical network is much smaller compared to some of the larger insurance conglomerates. Consequently, you can get the careful attention and service that each person deserves. Sharp Health Plan’s products are simple and easy to understand, so you don’t get bogged down by too many choices. We can help make the information easier to digest by giving the following background info about Sharp Health Plan and Addiction Treatment options..


Healthcare insurance providers can be represented in one of two ways. First, there are Preferred Provider Organizations, where the customer pays higher deductibles and premiums, but you get access to a wider network of medical care, especially with less pesky referrals to bother with. Meanwhile, Health Maintenance Organizations focus on exactly the opposite. HMOs strive to provide more affordable services, but this comes with more referrals for hospitals and doctors that aren’t covered under the specific plan. Whichever is best for you, these services will help make addiction treatment affordable and within reach. You have many options, and both types of insurance providers will have different plans to choose from.

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Sharp Healthcare has a simple structure to their products. To clarify, there are 5 different tiers to the HMO coverage that Sharp Health Plan provides. Platinum, gold, silver, bronze, and minimum are all different forms of the main coverage plan. Each level Sharp Health offers is able to cover addiction treatment, but deductibles and other out of pocket fees may still apply. Let us do our part to help in the process by connecting you to the rehab centers themselves.

Having a simple and effective system to get your addiction treatment covered is a valuable piece of comfort that Sharp Health Plan Insurance. It’s time to learn more about all of your financial options regarding treatment.

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Getting Medicare or Medicaid

Sharp Health Plan is a great alternative to larger insurance providers that may have a different array of products to offer people. Their connections to local treatment centers in California could be a huge advantage when trying to seek out the best care. To be fair, dealing with insurance companies in general can be stress-inducing. Sometimes, it can be hard just finding the coverage that’s needed to start recovering. There are many ways of financing your treatment. Insurance companies aren’t the final say as to whether you get to receive treatment or not.


Medicare and Medicaid are assistance programs that help those with financial challenges pay for the treatment that their body needs. Luckily, many treatment centers will accept Medicare and Medicaid in just about every major American city. For adults in California, the state Medicaid will be able to cover substance dependency treatment if it’s applicable and necessary. Individual fees could still apply, depending on the individual’s financial situation. Never lose hope that you can find treatment. Countless others before you have found a helping hand, so you can as well.


Even still, there are times when insurance, nor Medicare and Medicaid are a viable option. To these people, it seems as if there is nowhere else to go. However, select rehab centers actually offer payment assistance plans and sliding fee scales for specific service. Through these good Samaritan programs, people who thought they never would have access to treatment are able to turn their lives around for good.

Taking care of our neighbors despite the drugs flooding our streets is what we want to do at work every day. Whatever harm drugs have done to you, know that there are people wanting to help. Call someone who can help guide you through the process at 402-268-9960 and get a head start on sobriety.

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Helpful Options in Your Area

Getting the addiction treatment covered is important before any medical care can be administered. If you already have an insurance plan, make sure that you speak to an insurance agent so you understand all of your substance abuse treatment options. If addiction has caused harm in your life or the life of someone you know, then take the first steps to getting treatment. Complex insurance information can be figured out with help.

Insurance doesn’t have to be the way that you get treatment. There are other assistance programs designed for people who have problems getting healthcare insurance. Medicare and Medicaid have the potential to cover all of the necessary rehab care that you want. Of course, payment assistance is offered at certain rehab centers for those who can’t rely on Medicare or Medicaid.


Addiction is something that can make the victim feel like all hope is lost. Always remember that life isn’t defined by healthcare coverage or insurance information. Our goal is to help you get clean and sober. In short, we can support you along the road to a sober life, so call the number above and start your healing process now.

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