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Kaiser Permanente offers a variety of different coverage plans, each with its own multi-tiered approach to different levels of coverage. Finding a plan with addiction treatment coverage is easy with Kaiser Permanente. However, each plan is going to have its own language regarding what services can be covered. Nonetheless, we can help you sort through all of this confusing information. Here is a quick description of what you can expect when getting covered by Kaiser Permanente:


Various deductible, co-payment, and health savings account services are out there for residents around Pasadena, CA. Certain plans will feature lower premiums but will have higher one-time deductibles to compensate for this. On the other hand, other plans will have lower deductibles at the cost of higher monthly insurance payments. Regardless of which plan you select, each one is structured in a three tiered system with bronze, silver, and gold levels of benefits for members. All of these tiers have some type of substance abuse treatment covered, but certain co-payments and deductibles may have to apply.

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Knowing what type of plan and company you are doing business with can help you understand how to get addiction treatment. Mainly, there are health maintenance organizations, or HMOs, and there are preferred provider organizations, or PPOs. HMO plans are the ones with lower monthly premiums and out of pocket expenses. Meanwhile, PPO plans feature higher costs, but they allow you to get access to a bigger network of hospitals and doctors.

Being able to have a variety of options when shopping for a coverage plan helps clients find the right treatment for them. The goal of these plans is to get you the medical care that you need. Don’t let finances stop you from getting healthy, so reach out to your insurance provider today.

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Other Treatment Alternatives

The benefit of having different plans to choose from is that you can find one that best fits your price point and healthcare needs. However, many people find that getting their treatment covered is much easier said than done. If this is the case, there is still hope to get substance abuse treatment covered. In lieu of healthcare insurance, many rehab centers will also accept Medicare and Medicaid if you qualify. It’s important to look for an understand all of your coverage options. It could be the difference that gets your life back on track.



Sometimes, insurance companies will not cover your addiction treatment, and other times the finances with coverage just don’t work out. Insurance information can be complicated and hard to understand. If healthcare insurance isn’t the way to get your rehabilitation covered, then see if Medicare or Medicaid could be used at your treatment facility. Medicare and Medicaid can be used to cover substance abuse treatment when it is reasonable and necessary for the patients’ health.

Still, some patients find that neither insurance nor government plans will help them get treated. If this is you, then find a rehab center that offers payment assistance plans. Other facilities also offer their services on a sliding fee scale. This way, everyone can at least get whatever treatment they can afford, or pay their fees back over time. Figuring out where to look for information and what the best decision is can be stressful, so let us help by connecting you to the rehab centers and insurance info that you are looking for.

We want to make this process as easy as it can be. Talk to a friendly and caring addiction expert right now at 402-268-9960 and plan out your ambition to be addiction-free.

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What We Can Do To Help

Knowing where to start when it comes to understanding insurance information can be overwhelming and intimidating. Once you know where to start, how do you know what plan to pick? By giving you a quick rundown of services and addiction treatment coverage offered by Kaiser Permanente , hopefully the process is a little bit simpler. Whatever your finances or insurance coverage look like, don’t forget that your health is most important

Medicare and Medicaid are great alternatives for those who can’t rely on insurance to cover their treatments. Even if Medicare or Medicaid don’t solve the coverage problems you are facing, there are still more ways to get your healthcare covered. Payment plans and sliding fee scales are financial tools used by rehab centers worldwide to help patients with limited finances find out how to still get treatment.


Many people throughout California are suffering from addictions that drag their lives down. These people are in dire need of addiction treatment, and they can receive it by getting connected to Kaiser Permanente. Whether insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or payment plans are what you need, we can help you find it. In short, we can help get you to where you need to go, so call the number above and get started today.

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