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Health Net is a large insurance provider that has been around for a fairly long time. With almost 6 million Americans using them, finding addiction treatment solutions should be far from impossible. Addiction to drugs and alcohol is something that deserves the utmost time, attention, and care. Getting the right treatment at the correct time is how many people


Most healthcare insurance providers can be classified into two categories. The first is a Preferred Provider Organization, where customers pay higher expenses so that less referrals have to happen to get treatment outside your regular healthcare network. A Health Maintenance Organization will help get you much more affordable costs, but more referrals and smaller networks are likely. It all depends on the needs of the client and their exact financial and health needs. Regardless, shopping around to make sure that you get the best deal is necessary to get the best care. Health insurance can be complicated, but know that you have many options.

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One great advantage of Health Net is the amount of variance that customers can receive in terms of healthcare plans. Enhanced Care PPO, Purecare One EPO, and Purecare HSP are the notable plans that can cover . However, certain deductibles and copays may still apply. All of these plans come in different tiers. Regardless of which one is best for you, we can help connect you to valuable rehab centers in the region.

The ability to choose the type of care you need is great, and very important when trying to get some peace of mind during recovery. Money doesn’t get to decide when you can improve your health, so reach out for solutions today.

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Understanding Healthcare Insurance

Insurance companies like Health Net assist addicts all across the country find the financial tools to start working on their health. However, being able to work with insurance companies to get all treatments covered can be a big headache. We want to make sure that addiction treatment is going to turn your life around and help you, not just stress you out. Likewise, more ways of getting your treatment covered exist than healthcare insurance alone. If finances are the only thing limiting you from getting treatment, then consider your other options.



Other forms of payment assistance like Medicare and Medicaid are public programs for those who can’t afford health insurance, or need any assistance getting their necessary medical care. There are rehab centers in almost every major American city that accept Medicare or Medicaid as payment. In particular, California Medicaid helps cover alcohol and drug addiction treatment for adults when applicable. Individual finances and circumstance will all be taken into account when trying to find Medicare and Medicaid coverage. Even if these programs fail to assist you, there still is hope.


Occasionally, insurance companies and government programs won’t cover the important treatment of recovering addicts. Rehab facilities know this, so many of them offer payment plans for cash-strapped patients. Some rehab treatments are available on a sliding fee scale, so even those with little money can get what treatment they can.

Financial insecurity leads to many people giving up on their treatment options. Don’t let yourself be someone who turns away life changing medical care. Talk to someone who knows where to guide you through an overview of rehab. Call today at 402-268-9960 and set a course of action that removes addiction from your life forever.

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How We Help Others

Insurance websites are often a great resource for understanding your substance abuse treatment coverage. Most healthcare insurance websites have a section similar to mental health or substance addiction that details the possible services covered by that provider. As always, there are many ways of getting your treatments covered. Insurance is not the deciding factor in whether you can receive addiction treatment.

Medicare and Medicaid help many people suffering from addiction find the direction in life that had escaped them. These programs are intended to help the unfortunate members of our communities that may have a hard time paying for very necessary treatment. This is also why many rehab centers offer payment plans and sliding fee scales, so that way you can still get treated.

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Drugs and alcohol have harmed lives all over California. Insurance providers like Health Net do their part to ensure that every one of our neighbors that are hooked on drugs and alcohol find their way back to peace and comfort through addiction treatment. We can do our part and get you in touch with caring support services in your area. Get started putting the life of you or someone you know back together again by calling the number above today.

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