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Blue Shield helps provide coverage to nearly 4 million health plan members throughout this giant state. In addition, access to over 65,000 doctors in California makes Blue Shield a popular choice for those who need the safety of comprehensive healthcare coverage. It’s important to have options if you’re looking for the best addiction treatment, and with Blue Shield you do.


All insurance plans can generally be broken down into two major categories: health maintenance organization and preferred provider organization. HMO plans have lower deductibles as well as lower monthly premiums, but the trade-off is more referrals for out of network services and potentially smaller networks. On the other hand, PPOs will guarantee that no referrals and minimal paperwork will be needed to receive treatment from out-of-network medical providers. However, higher premiums and out of pocket expenses are a trademark of PPO plans. There is no one correct answer to which plan you should choose. The best healthcare plan for your situation is going to depend on your needs and finances.

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Blue Shield offers a variety of specific plans, including PPO, High Deductible Healthcare Plan PPO, and Off Exchange Trio HMO. An HDHP PPO means that you pay even higher deductibles, but benefit from lower monthly premiums and potential tax benefits. Off exchange HMO plans mean that you get a greater choice of what goes in your healthcare plan, and that getting healthcare coverage is easier and more affordable than ever.

Having lots of options is great, especially when you’re trying to get your life back together again. Finances don’t have to be the obstacle that stops you from getting critical addiction treatment, so talk to your insurance today and figure out if you can get your substance abuse treatment covered.

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Using Medicare and Medicaid

A large and expansive insurance provider like Blue Shield allows millions of people with limited finances to get access to state-of-the-art addiction treatment. Getting your treatment paid for is a big headache that goes away once you find coverage. There are still those who, for various reasons, don’t have healthcare insurance. If this may be you, then consider what other alternatives there are to pay for addiction treatment and start your life anew. There are more ways of paying for treatment than just insurance, so here are a few.


Medicare and Medicaid

If insurance companies won’t cover your substance abuse treatment, then you might be able to qualify for other forms of financial assistance. Medicare and Medicaid help many people each year attend rehab centers. For example, California Medicaid covers alcohol and drug abuse treatment for adults, including outpatient, inpatient, and all residential services. Keep in mind that your individual circumstances will determine if you can use Medicare or Medicaid to pay for treatment. These programs are here to help you financially, and as are we when it comes to finding you the best solutions.

Insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid all might say that your treatment still is not covered. If so, it’s important not to lose hope during the most difficult times. There are many rehab centers that offer payment assistance plans or even a sliding fee scale for their services. Financial instability doesn’t have to stop anyone from getting the help that their health and mind need in order to get better. Let us help you by finding out what options you have.

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Get Help and Change your Life

Talking to your insurance is usually the first step for many people that want to embark on a project of self-care. Even if you already have insurance coverage, you might want to speak to an insurance representative in order to get the best understanding of potential services. Don’t forget that addiction is a serious threat to one’s quality of life. You don’t need to let the situation get any worse, so call those who can make things better.

Additionally, it’s important to note that there are many options for getting treatment paid for. Between insurance and Medicare alternatives, there is bound to be coverage for addiction treatment somewhere. Rehabs will be more than happy to offer payment assistance and sliding fee scale services in order to provide for everyone in the community.

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Drug and alcohol addiction can seem like the whole world is against you. Remember that there will always be professionals like us out there that are eager to help make patients sober again. We can help you get connected to the services that really matter to you in your area. To conclude, call the number above and get started healing now.

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