Your health matters. There are so many aspects to taking care of your physical, mental and emotional health, and one of the best places to do this is in the Sunshine State. California is known for its gorgeous year-round sunshine, beaches, and stunning natural scenery. The warm weather and beautiful surroundings of California can work wonders on a person’s well being at addiction treatment.

This extends to seeking help through addiction treatment if you are struggling with substance abuse and addiction. As a common health challenge affecting millions of Americans and others around the globe, addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is nothing to take lightly. Treatment centers in California are leading the way for people to recover from the deadly disease of addiction.

Activities Associated with Addiction

Drinking alcohol appears to be a fairly normal pastime for American adults. According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 86.4 percent of people 18 years or older reported that they consumed alcohol at some point in their lifetime. Although this may be a common activity, it’s important that people control their drinking and not drink too much. If alcohol begins to impact a person’s life negatively, then they may have a dependency issue. The same goes for drugs, as an estimated 24.6 million people in the U.S. 12 years or older had used an illicit drug in the past four months, as reported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Although alcohol and drug addiction is detrimental and deadly, people can make it through this life challenge at treatment centers in California. Professional help is key, and there are dedicated treatment centers throughout the sunshine state. Going to drug or alcohol rehabilitation can save lives, there’s no doubt about that. If you have been going through alcohol or drug struggles, or know someone who has, learn more about going for treatment in the Sunshine state.

Weighing the Costs and Benefits

In order to give yourself space and inspiration to really think clearly about things, you need to be in a relaxing and calming environment. Treatment centers in California offer such an opportunity. The state has an abundance of sunshine and positivity that bodes well for mental health and healing journeys.

Keep in mind that you can weigh the costs and benefits of anything in your life, from a small purchase at the store to your education, career or family goals. To have a high chance of success in your future sobriety, it’s a good idea to go into treatment in California thinking about the costs and benefits. You can even make a list beforehand of what your alcohol or drug abuse has cost you, and what benefits, if any, you currently think there are to your behavior and way of life. This can help you determine if drinking or taking drugs is really worth the high price you pay.

Your Personal Experience with Addiction

By writing down the costs and benefits of your drug and alcohol use, you will be better prepared to approach all the challenges that come with your recovery and rehabilitation. A healthy dose of daily sunshine and the chance to reflect on your past and what you want for the rest of your life is key.

In treatment, you will be asked some tough questions. The goal is to get you through this tough time toward a bright future. For example, you could think about what your addiction has cost you thus far. Have you lost your job, schooling, money, relationships, friends and family? What about your declining health? These are all costs associated with drug and alcohol use.

The benefits you write down will vary depending on your personal situation. For you, it may be that drinking or drugs help you forget about your past pain and trauma. Therapists in California’s reputable and highly-regarded treatment centers will also challenge you by asking you to think about the benefits of not drinking or taking drugs anymore.

Identifying Goals and Seeking Change

Next up on the list of things you should know about going to treatment in California is that you will be asked to identify your personal goals. You will also be asked how you want to reach your goals. Having clear objectives in mind will help you as you continue along this life-changing journey and transformation.

Everyone’s goals may be different, and that’s perfectly okay. You may meet people in treatment who have goals of getting back to work full-time, or seeing their kids more. Perhaps you want to take up a new hobby like surfing or paddleboarding. Maybe you want to save money and buy a house by the beach.

Whatever your goals may be, you should try to be as open and honest as you can with the treatment professionals and therapists who make California recovery centers feel like home. These individuals have years of experience and education in helping people just like you overcome addiction. Plus, it’s this self-reflection by the sea in the sunshine that can help you beat your battle with addiction.

Like-Minded Individuals

Another awesome thing about addiction treatment in California is that you may meet people from all walks of life. Many people choose to go to treatment centers in California because it’s a change of pace and a slower lifestyle where they can rediscover themselves and their life plans. Diverse individuals from all over can share their personal insight and stories with you to give you inspiration and encouragement. This will help you to stay focused on the change you want to see within yourself.

If you’ve battled addiction, you know how much this disease can control your life and ruin relationships and opportunities for you. If you want to get better and you want to regain power of your present and future, then establishing your goals and working toward them in California is the way to go. By announcing your goals and sharing these plans with others, you will be held accountable for your actions. Having a sense of responsibility and ownership for your decisions will help you as you strive toward both short-term and long-term sobriety.

Finding a Close Community in Addiction Treatment

Dealing with alcohol and drug addiction on your own is a challenge. If there’s one thing you learn about going to California treatment centers, it’s that you can look forward to a warm and welcoming community of people who want to see you get better. Sunshine has been proven to support happiness and health, and the results of recovery centers in California showcase this.

While you may have family and friends who want you to get back on a healthier and happier path, you will also be surrounded by medical professionals who want to see you succeed as well. You will have to delve deep into your past to discover the real reasons why you’ve fallen victim to addiction, and what triggers your to continue using. This may be painful for you, but it’s a worthwhile way to save your life, especially with these professionals by your side.

Sinking into the deep dark depths of addiction can make you feel alone and depressed, but finding a caring community at a California treatment center can help you along the path to recovery. It’s amazing how much positive impact treatment professionals, sponsors and other supporters can give you during treatment.

If you feel like you’re ready to have a better future free of alcohol and drugs, then it may be time for you to look further into treatment in the sunshine state. Get in touch with your local alcohol and drug treatment center to get started on your sober success story!