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early signs of alcoholism

When does one stop drinking for fun and develops a bad habit? Many people drink. And just because you drink, doesn’t mean you have a problem. Most people drink during special occasions or just to have fun. Even if you indulge in alcohol each weekend, you’re technically not an alcoholic. But alcoholics go too far. […]

what is rehab like

What is rehab like? If you or someone you know is thinking about rehab, you’re probably wondering just what to expect. Billions of dollars each year are spent due to the effects of drug and alcohol addiction. Rehab helps save time, money, and strife by stopping the problem before it gets worse. However, understanding that […]

signs of alcoholism

Going out for a drink sounds like a great idea. You had such a good time last night that you go out again. Before you know it, you’ve developed a habit. But when does something that feels like a habit you can quit anytime turn into an addiction? Learn about the 10 signs of alcoholism. […]

how to approach an alcoholic

Alcoholism is notoriously hard to treat, often because the person suffering from alcoholism refuses to accept help. They may even be unwilling to admit that they have a problem. Families of alcoholics struggle with how to help in this situation. It may seem confusing, frustrating or even hopeless when faced with the alcoholic’s defiance, denial, […]

recovery rehab

Rehab may not always be a place with the most compassionate or friendly individuals who earnestly discover themselves in treatment. For whatever reason, we may need to know the harsh reality that nobody wants to be here, and not everybody knows how to deal with their problems. Difficult personal circumstances like this can create difficult […]

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