Substance Abuse in Los Angeles, CA

addiction treatment Los AngelesLos Angeles, CA is the home to a whopping 4 million people making it the second-largest city in the United States. Many people move to the area every year to enjoy great weather and culture in one of America’s most famous cities. Unfortunately, one of this country’s most beautiful regions now faces a growing drug addiction problem. With so many people living in Los Angeles, even a small percentage of people abusing drugs could be a large number of fellow neighbors. At a Pasadena recovery center, finding solutions to drug addiction problems is easy. Fortunately, the size of Los Angeles also means that addiction treatment is literally just around the corner, and residents can take advantage of the nearly 600 rehab facilities in the city.

Drug Statistics on Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles has seen an increase in drug addiction in the past decade. In particular, the following drugs were observed to have been the leading causes of addiction treatment in Los Angeles over a 6-month period, followed by the percentage of patients who tested positive:

  • Marijuana – 27%
  • Alcohol – 22%
  • Heroin – 20%

While drugs like cannabis and cocaine remain prevalent in our communities, certain substances have become more common. Between 2012 and 2013, studies showed a gradual decrease in marijuana and cocaine treatment programs, whereas methamphetamine showed a drastic increase. Specifically, methamphetamines accounted for 33% of illicit drug reports and confiscations in the county. There are many different drugs that prey on many different people, but it’s important not to lose hope, and to understand that there are addiction treatment options in Los Angeles, CA.

To help you or someone you know to break free from the sadness of addiction, talk to an addiction expert. They can help you sort out complex insurance information, and help explain how rehab works. If you want to get started recovering from addiction, then call 402-268-9960 and get going today.

Los Angeles Addiction Treatment Options

Due to the sheer size of the city, nearly any type of addiction care can be found in or near Los Angeles. A drug rehab center in Pasadena can help you find sobriety, just like countless other Californians every year. Below, there is a quick run-down of the services available in the city of angels:

  • Inpatient programs for a residential treatment and detox experience are available in or around central Los Angeles
  • Outpatient care is offered in and around Los Angeles for those who need flexible care
  • Short and long-term care options are also readily available in countess rehabs across Southern California
  • Lots of centers across the city offer different kinds of plans for payment based on your income such as a sliding fee scale
  • There are treatment centers locally that specifically treat opioid addiction and they are SAMHSA-certified.

Clearly, your options are limitless when seeking a rehab center around Los Angeles. If the wide array of choices is frustrating, then we can help you find the perfect facility for you. Whether in your hometown or not, a rehab center in Los Angeles will have what you need.

Whatever your specific needs are to get clean and sober, there will be professionals ready to help you to learn more about the treatment programs available.

Benefits of Traveling for Rehab

Los Angeles County is the most populated one in the entire nation. On top of that, it’s one of the largest counties in the county by land area. This way, it’s not too hard finding a rehab center that’s outside of your hometown, but still near the nearly 600 rehab facilities that your recovery needs. Los Angeles residents have a great opportunity to seek the best care around them. That’s why we’re here to get you plugged in to life-changing addiction treatment.

Addiction Treatment Outside Central Los Angeles

With so many facilities to choose from, finding one that matches what you are looking for has never been easier. Furthermore, you can use this SAMHSA map to find and read more about a specific rehab. Choosing the right treatment provider will go a long way for your sobriety goals.

By spending time packing and traveling to a residential facility, the rehab process gets underscored as a major transition period in life. In addition to this, that extra space away from home helps many patients focus on their recovery. Using a positive approach to obstacles like traveling is a beneficial way of thinking about traveling for addiction treatment.

Inpatient programs are offered in either short-term or long-term options. Conversely, outpatient programs are usually a set time period of occasional treatment. Patients who need to stay closer to home should consider outpatient treatment since a residential program will be too much of a time commitment. Outpatient programs can provide important services like detox around Pasadena, CA.

Benefits of Traveling to a Rehab Facility

There are many benefits to finding rehab care in the Los Angeles area. For many, rehab in a foreign environment provides for a very unique learning opportunity. Here are just a few positives of attending a rehab center outside your city:

  • Prevents the added pressure to reuse from friends or family
  • The ability to get another start in a new city
  • The traveling emphasizes how important this phase of your life is
  • An environment of other recovering addicts that understand your situation
  • Privacy in a comfortable residential area
  • Nonstop access to medical care in a residential setting

Learn more about even more benefits by talking to an addiction professional. The goal of rehab is to get you prepared to live a happy, stable, and sober life.

What to Look for in a Treatment Center

Every rehab center that you find should be accredited and employ evidence-based treatments for their patients to reach sobriety. Most rehab facilities will be able to connect you with local aftercare services like alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous, outpatient counseling, and much more. A wide network of support services is out there to help you, like us! We are here to help you.

Understanding all of your payment options can be a chore. Insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid can be difficult to deal with when trying to get your treatment paid for and out of your hair. Luckily, we’re here to assist you in sorting through all of the confusing information and get the contact info that you need to start your recovery.

More Information on Los Angeles, CA Addiction Treatment

Los Angeles is struggling with the rising phenomenon of meth addiction, among many other drugs. There are treatment options locally in the central Los Angeles area for yourself or someone you know. Nearby you can also find plenty of Pasadena detox centers with the right tools to help people get sober again. Above all, these local treatment providers will make sure that you get the top-quality care that you deserve. Distance from home shouldn’t cause you stress when trying to heal. Therefore, here are some benefits that local area treatment centers can provide:

  • Outpatient treatment is easier to attend and complete when you are receiving it locally
  • Aftercare services are more likely to be attended and finished because the treatment center knows and approves of the local aftercare resources 
  • If the patient has a good support system of family and friends then receiving treatment local means the supporters are close by to encourage the patient on their recovery.

A like-minded community of people focused on the future will be there to support you throughout rehab. Occasionally, the extra distance in between home and the chosen facility presents stress and anxiety for the patients. Your mental health and comfort is a top priority. By choosing the right location for your addiction treatment, we can help facilitate the healing process by finding you the right environment to recover in. Plenty of treatment centers exist all over the Los Angeles area, so all that’s between you and sobriety is a phone call.

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Despite what national trends about drug addiction say, there is hope that the drug crisis will get better. One by one, it’s important that we do our part as a community to network and get those who need medical care in touch with those who can provide it. This is our mission, so learn more about how we can help you find life altering treatment. Give us a call at 402-267-9960 and change your future for the better.