Substance Addiction in Long Beach, CA

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Long Beach, CA is known as one of the most beautiful stretches of land in the entire country. A little under half a million Californians live in here due to the weather, beaches, and food. Not to mention all these factors attract loads of tourists. Long Beach State is a large state university that attracts young people from all over California for many of the same reasons as tourists. While the city’s natural beauty goes unmatched, drug usage among residents is a hidden layer of life in the city. Luckily, there are around 60 addiction treatment centers in Long Beach for citizens to use. Along with options in neighboring cities such as Pasadena and Los Angeles.

Drug Statistics on Long Beach, CA

Addiction can strike at anyone in any community, and it’s important to know what kind of dangerous substances are prevalent in our neighborhoods. By staying educated on the threats that fellow citizens face, knowing how to help will also be easier. We can help you get informed on all of the treatment options within your area and the surrounding region. Finding a drug detox near Pasadena should always be the next step for someone looking for addiction treatment. The Los Angeles-Long Beach metropolitan statistical area found the following data on how drugs and alcohol have affected the region:

  • An annual average of 1.6 million people aged 12 or older have used an illicit drug in the past year
  • Around 892,000 people over the age of 12 were reported as having a substance abuse problem in the past year
  • Approximately 495,000 adults over the age of 18 experienced a major depressive episode in the past year

Substance abuse and its accompanying mental health side effects can inflict a lot of harm on a single person’s life. Additionally, addiction can affect the lives of those living around the addict as well. Over 20% of people in the greater Los Angeles area said they have binge used alcohol in the past month. Pasadena rehab treatment has saved many people’s lives, so consider if it can save the life of a loved one. Regardless of whether drugs or alcohol have affected you or someone you know; we are here to get you in touch with assistance A Pasadena recovery center will have the tools to get you or a loved one sober. Call 402-268-9960 and start vital addiction recovery today.

Help is Around the Corner

Given the layout of the greater Los Angeles metro, finding out which services are located where can be hard.  Due to this challenge, we’ve compiled a shortlist of available services in Long Beach and the surrounding area:

  • Only one facility in Long Beach offers hospital inpatient programs and detox, but more can be found in greater Los Angeles
  • Several locations offer outpatient care within Long Beach itself, with even more providing both intensive and standard outpatient plans
  • Many short-term and long-term residential options can be found within Long Beach
  • While only one rehab accepts Medicare, many different ones do accept Medicaid
  • Many more rehabs also offer payment assistance and services on a sliding fee scale
  • A single location in Long Beach has a SAMHSA-certified opioid treatment center

Long Beach is plentiful when it comes to options for addiction treatment. In fact, some people have trouble digging through all the choices to get the treatment they want. Nonetheless, plenty of options like a Pasadena drug rehab exist for Californians needing treatment. We’ll be here to help dig through the available options and get you started on the treatment that could change your life.

Look into addiction treatment programs in Long Beach to discover which one is best. Drug rehab and drug detox centers in Pasadena, CA are abundant and ready to assist state residents with whatever addictions are taking over their lives. These facilities are some of the best in the state and will get you or a loved one started on the long road to sobriety. Whatever you need to get clean and sober, let us help you find it.

Get Help Outside of Long Beach, CA

As the 7th biggest city in California, Long Beach is a hub of nightlife and social activity. Part of this is what attracts so many people to its bustling streets. Unfortunately, this lively atmosphere is also what makes so many valued residents succumb to drug and alcohol addiction. There is hope for removing these substance addictions from your life. A Pasadena detox center will have the capability to transform the patient into a recovering addict. On the bright side, there are a multitude of addiction treatment options in Long Beach for those who want to get better. We can help by explaining the differences between local and remote treatment.

Receiving Care in Another Town

Plenty of treatment options exist locally, but sometimes there are factors that make a client want to attend a rehab center outside their city. Many more treatment options can usually be found by widening the potential search area for treatment facilities. By opening up your possible treatment providers to those outside your hometown, you can choose whichever center in your region gives you the best care and attention. To put it simply, choosing the right rehab in the right place could help support you through to sobriety.

Occasionally, it’s the people and places around us that enable our bad drug habits to fester into addictions. Likewise, putting distance between you and the source of the temptation to reuse helps put the attention on recovering. Consider if a nearby town would be far enough away for a treatment program. If so, a detox in Pasadena, CA may be within driving distance and within your best interests. Being able to approach the path to recovery honestly and positively is a key part of sobriety success.

Long-term or short-term residential options are available depending on how much time the patient needs to heal. Inside a Pasadena recovery center, people can find programs of many different lengths, from intense 24-hour stays to six month-long live-in situations. Meanwhile, outpatient programs are also offered to those who can’t afford to spend all day receiving treatment. This allows them to keep up with work or family matters while they get treated for their addictions. Quality outpatient care can be found all over Los Angeles, particularly at a Pasadena detox center.

Why You Should Travel for Addiction Rehab

Traveling outside of Long Beach to a residential rehab location provides many benefits for your peace of mind. These benefits help the patient psychologically heal and prepare themselves for the experience of kicking their addictions. Drug rehab near Pasadena would provide the patient with enough distance to get away from their addiction, while still being close to Los Angeles for family reasons. Being able to work on your recovery without being recognized is helpful for many. Here are more positives about seeking treatment faraway:

  • Getting a fresh start away from what you’re used to
  • Traveling makes it less likely to quit the rehab program
  • Being surrounded by a group of similar and supportive individuals
  • Protect your identity in a private facility
  • 24/7 access to medical and addiction care
  • There is less temptation of familiar situations that could send you into a relapse

There are even more benefits that you can learn by talking to an addiction expert. They’ll fill you in on every detox near Pasadena, CA, and find out which one you’d like to attend. A simple phone call is all it takes to talk to an addiction professional that will start getting to know your specific situation with substance addiction, so that way they can accurately recommend a useful treatment program. Rehab is here to prepare you for a life of sobriety, and give you that helping hand.

What to Look for in a Treatment Center

All addiction care staff should use evidence-based treatment methods to get you off of drug dependency. A Pasadena detox center will have these researched and proven treatment practices to use on the many patients that they see every day. Additionally, that facility should be accredited to treat addicts for alcohol and drug abuse. If you need aftercare services for when you leave the program, rehab centers will be able to connect you to resources in the area. These aftercare support programs are best found by speaking to someone at the rehab center itself. The professionals at these rehab facilities are often the best points of contact for finding good support programs for recovering addicts in the surrounding county.

If insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid are giving you trouble, don’t forget to look for centers with payment assistance plans and services on a sliding fee scale. These financial assistance tools are for patients who have trouble getting healthcare insurance or Medicare and Medicaid coverage. This way, you can be guaranteed to get treated for your addiction. Give us a call at the number below if you need help finding a rehab center that offers such financial plans. In short, consider what you should look for in an ideal treatment facility and reach out to us if we can help.

Recovery Options in Your Area

Drug and alcohol dependency are growing problems in Long Beach, but there are reasons to keep hope alive. While treatment outside your home may be an option, sometimes an alternative closer to home is preferred. A local Pasadena rehab could be close enough for a daily commute, while still being far enough away from home. Above all, what matters is getting the right fit between the patient and the rehab center. In a Pasadena rehab center, the encouragement to finish treatment will be easy to come by. Distance from home should be a positive motivator to complete treatment. Here are just a few of the benefits that a local rehab center can provide:

  • Outpatient care is easier to accomplish when you are living close by since you have to visit it every day
  • Aftercare services are easier to transition into from a local treatment center
  • Staying near home for rehab helps family and friends be close by for support

One of the more impactful benefits of a local rehab center is being able to meet other recovering addicts in your area that could teach important lessons about sober life. In addition, the surrounding community is one that knows the area well. Pasadena drug rehab centers are full of Californians who can offer support to fellow recovering addicts. A rehab center that is connected to local aftercare services can be a helpful network as well. The right location can help provide stability as you try to bring stableness back into your life. With so many treatment centers within Long Beach, there are many opportunities to get sober. A nearby Pasadena recovery center will have the right staff and resources to help you accomplish your goals.

Call Today

Rehab centers do their best to turn the tide against the drug epidemic with one recovered patient at a time. Anyone of any age or background can find access to vital addiction treatment. Additionally, the professional treating you will be using science-backed methods and therapies that help people transition to lives of complete sobriety. Pasadena drug rehab centers see plenty of people from diverse backgrounds every week. These people want to improve their lives and find a healthy, sober way of living. Help us do our part in fighting back against addiction by finding you the tools to get clean. Call us at 402-267-9960 and start changing your life into one of happiness and fulfillment today.