The Drug Problem in Bakersfield, CA

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Bakersfield, CA is a large town of about a third of a million people in southern California. The local Buena Vista Museum of Natural History. This great exhibit showcases the geology, paleontology, and biology of the wonderfully diverse Californian ecosystems. You can see all the different types of reptiles and plants that this state has to offer. While this state does have an amazing amount of plants and animals, there are more human-centered issues facing Bakersfield. For instance, drug and alcohol addiction is a rising phenomenon among the city’s residents. In particular, methamphetamine use and alcohol dependency have been rising in Bakersfield, as well as many other cities nationwide. The services of a Pasadena detox center can be used to help recover from such difficult substance addiction. Luckily, there are a variety of addiction treatment centers located in and around Bakersfield.

Drug Statistics on Bakersfield, CA

The growing use of meth and other drugs has been well documented and studied in recent years. There are real and viable solutions to drug addiction like a drug detox in Pasadena. Meth and other drug use can be stopped through word of mouth. For example, this gets done by getting drug users to the treatment centers that they desperately need. Thus, a nearby Pasadena drug rehab center will have the tools to get you or a loved one into a care center and receiving treatment. In Kern County, which encompasses Bakersfield, the District Attorney’s Office helped participate in a study which showed the following findings:

  • For Kern County between 2001 and 2007, 24.7% to 39.2% of all felony cases involved methamphetamine charges
  • In 2008, 32.5% of all Kern County Fire Department calls were regarding some combination of methamphetamine, alcohol, and prescription drugs
  • During a one-month study, 17% Juvenile Probation cases were from a methamphetamine related offense

Drugs like methamphetamine can steal the joy out of life and discourage addicts from seeking help. Consequently, many people who have helpful resources just around the corner think that they can’t get treated. Drug rehab in Pasadena, CA can be easily reached with nothing more than a quick and easy phone call. Everyone in Bakersfield is deserving of addiction treatment and has the options near them to get clean and sober. If you or a loved one are suffering from either drug or alcohol addiction, then start off by reaching out to us. Call 402-268-9960 and get the professional care and treatment needed to improve your life.

Addiction Treatment in Bakersfield

For residents of Bakersfield, finding addiction treatment centers in or around the city won’t be a problem at all. We can help you find the specific combination of services and location that you’ll need to complete the program. However, being able to finish treatment will be easy at a high quality Pasadena rehab nearby. We want to help make the entire process of finding a great treatment center as easy as possible. To make some researching a bit easier, here are the rehab services you can find in or around Bakersfield:

  • One Bakersfield facility offers hospital inpatient treatment and detox, but many more can be found to the south in Los Angeles County
  • There are many different outpatient addiction treatment programs in Bakersfield with intensive, standard, and detox options
  • Many short-term and long-term residential alternatives are offered throughout the city
  • While several rehabs in Bakersfield do accept Medicare as payment, even more facilities accept Medicaid as well
  • A handful of centers in the area offer payment assistance plans and services on a sliding fee scale
  • There are multiple SAMHSA-certified opioid treatment centers in Bakersfield, but only one offers naltrexone

While methamphetamine may have taken its toll on the Bakersfield community, we are ready to help the victims of it reclaim their lives. Let a Pasadena recovery center create a treatment plan for you or someone you know struggling with the onset of addiction. However, there are differing lengths of time that a patient can spend in a treatment program. With drug rehabs around Pasadena, various program lengths are easy to find. Many options are available depending on the amount of time that you need to spend recovering and recuperating. Read more about 30-day60-day, and 90-day treatment programs to see which time frame of rehab is best for you.

Finding Addiction Treatment Outside Bakersfield, CA

When dangerous substances like meth and alcohol seem like they have taken over your life or the life of a loved one, getting the right treatment that will really help is critical. For some, seeking a local outpatient alternative is best, since family can be at their side each day. On the other hand, most patients decide to seek treatment outside of their hometown in order to get away from regular stressors and local temptations to reuse. A detox in Pasadena, CA will be far enough away to get some peace of mind while the mind and body’s recovery can begin. Various types of care exist to help patients with different needs. Whichever type of care you need; we can help you find it. If you think that traveling for treatment like many others is what you need, then read a little more about its benefits.

Addiction Treatment Options Away from Bakersfield

Approximately 25 rehab centers can be accessed for treatment within Bakersfield itself. However, if there are specific services are facilities that are requested, then more options can be found south in Los Angeles, or north toward Fresno. While many treatment options exist, some people may have to travel extensively to seek a detox in Pasadena, CA. Getting treated in a different location requires a change of mindset from the patient. Often, this change results in a more positive and motivated individual.

If an addiction got started in the home or within a group of close friends, then breaking free of drug dependency can be particularly rough. Therefore, traveling to a remote location to focus on healing can be more effective than treatment back home. Drug rehab in Pasadena can provide this safe space to receive important treatment. Meanwhile, traveling in general can be a positive stimulus for a recovering body and mind. Sometimes receiving certain treatments in a different location is a breath of fresh air for the patient, and that can be found in a Pasadena detox center. Also, the peace that comes from the solitude of a far-away treatment center can be felt through the relaxation in the patient as the new life of sobriety can be adapted to. This is one of the many ways that a rehab center could change your life permanently.

The length of time spent in a residential facility depends on the needs and preferences of the client. Short term care plans are available for those who want to be away from a short but intense experience in a Pasadena detox center. Conversely, long term alternatives in a residential Pasadena drug rehab are also available for those who need a more attentive recovery approach.

Why Traveling for Recovery is Beneficial

The overall objective is to help every person get clean and sober once again. This can be done with the help of many great Pasadena detox centers. Additionally, the presence of many different services, amenities, and critical therapies is what draws many patients to consider traveling for a residential program. Nonetheless, commuting to a facility for addiction treatment is a means of achieving the overall goal of sobriety and removing addiction from life for good. Here are some of the benefits that help every patient accomplish that goal:

  • Patients are more likely to complete the treatment if travel was required to get to the facility
  • Being able to connect with other recovering addicts from similar situations
  • Less pressure to reuse and fall back into old habits
  • Protecting your privacy in a secluded environment
  • Getting a fresh start in a new place
  • Around the clock access to medical care

Addiction professionals can tell you even more over the phone about the benefits of getting treated outside of your hometown. In addition, plenty of great alternatives to local treatment can be found by traveling to a Pasadena drug rehab. In short, some of the best treatment options may be outside your hometown, so don’t be afraid to do some shopping around for the benefit of your health.

What to Look for in a Treatment Center

Knowing what makes a rehab center exceptional is important to know. Thus, make sure that whatever rehab center you end up going to is accredited to treat people for drug and alcohol addiction. Additionally, a key part of this is by treatment centers using evidence-based tools to get your health where you want it to be. Addiction rehab facilities are also the best places to find aftercare support services in your area like Alcoholics Anonymous. Usually, all of these services can be covered by insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. If not, think about finding a rehab center that offers payment assistance plans.

Get Treated Locally

Bakersfield has multiple treatment center options, depending on what services the patient may need. With methamphetamines seeing an increase in use and observance on California streets, quality drug detox centers in Pasadena are nearby if unavailable locally. Getting the drug out of the body is an important first step in the rehab process. Nonetheless, we can help you find the right treatment solutions in or around Bakersfield, CA. Using a more local approach to rehab treatment can be beneficial in many ways. Here are just a few of the potential positives of local rehab care:

  • Spending more time receiving outpatient treatment means that patients are more likely to complete the entire program
  • Rehab alumni are more likely to frequent aftercare services in the area if the treatment center was a local one
  • Having family and other loved ones in the vicinity can be a helpful motivator to some people

Building a Community

The sense of community that develops among patients in a Bakersfield treatment center or a distant Pasadena recovery center is one of the biggest strengths of residential programs. Finding others who can help and support through the most difficult times is one of the greatest support structures that a recovering addict can have. On the other hand, whatever type of care we can help you find will be sure to fit your needs. The multitude of care options in the greater Los Angeles area ensures that we can help you accomplish your goals. In short, quality addiction treatment is possible for everyone that needs it.

Local rehab centers will be up to date on all of the state-of-the-art practice for treating meth and alcohol addiction. However, some services are not offered locally, so it’s important to look around at options before seeking treatment. If there are necessary treatments that aren’t available in the surrounding area, then plenty of facilities can be found in the Pasadena area. Many Pasadena drug rehab options exist, so your medical needs can be met either locally or in a more far away location. Bakersfield residents will have multiple local treatment centers, but some patients may have to travel to Los Angeles County. Through a drug rehab in Pasadena, CA, Californians can make the transition to a sober life with the stability and security that they have always been looking for.

Call Today

We want to help match you or a loved one with a treatment center that will efficiently transition them to a sober lifestyle. The goal is to get every drug and alcohol user in Bakersfield that needs treatment through the doors of a facility that can help them. Consequently, the addiction professional we can connect you to will have proven and tested methods of starting you on the road to recovery and sobriety. We do need some help in the process, but all it takes is a simple phone call. All the addict or loved one needs to do is make a quick phone call to learn more about rehab and get the process started with an addiction professional. Call 402-268-9960 and start the transformation towards an addiction-free life today.