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7 Helpful Ways on How to Deal with Difficult People in Recovery

Posted: March 27, 2015 by in Help Addiction Recovery Center

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Rehab may not always be a place with the most compassionate or friendly individuals who earnestly discover themselves in treatment. For whatever reason, we may need to know the harsh reality that nobody wants to be here, and not everybody knows how to deal with their problems. Difficult personal circumstances like this can create difficult people.  So here are 7 ways to deal with difficult people in rehab:

Ignore Them

While in the rehab, sometimes the best decision to avoid further problems with difficult people is to just ignore them. Divert your attention to more like-minded or friendlier individuals. It adds fuel to their fire if you give more attention. The energy you put into that situation with a difficult person is not worthwhile.  It is because they are getting feedback for their negative behavior, and that attention may be all they need to keep it up.

Show Empathy/Sympathy

Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes is a good way to show empathy. It is important to keep in mind that you are in a similar situation. The process of drug addiction recovery can be stressful due to some circumstances like having been removed from their home and comfort zone.  You should try to share your own concerns and some inspiring stories. The more the other person relates to you, and knows your struggles, the more likely he or she will ease off the rough behavior.

Practice Tolerance

Remember that the individual have the frustrations as you and they are going through the same process as you. It is important that you at least exercise some tolerance and open-mindedness. There is no positive outcome or growth if you are always judging others and berating them based off of some outlandish expectation. They are only human, so you should accept them for whom and what they are.

Use Humor

As they say, Laughter is the best medicine. Trying to inject some kind of humor into the conversation is a great way to deal with tense situations surrounding a difficult person in rehab. It will affect the mood of others around you; humor can relieve stress. Being aggressive and disrespectful and enjoying a laugh at the expense of co-addicts is wrong. Making light of the situation will eventually put the fire out of whatever was causing the problem anyway.

Address the issue

When you feel like you’ve exhausted all options, grab the bull by the horns, take hold of the steering wheel, and turn the conflict into a resolution. Confronting the issue with a difficult person in treatment recovery center can be risky and dangerous business. It can have the best or worst result, but being honest and letting the person know about their rude and unacceptable behavior is the only way. They may be affecting you while in you’re in a vital phase of recovery. Keep in mind to be firm, stand your ground, but be respectful.

Establish Boundaries

You need to draw your line in the sand and set boundaries. Behave accordingly and consistently, if there is a disagreeable person that you feel intensely about, do not let him or her into your life or into your recovery. Establishing boundaries with a difficult person means that you make it clear to both parties of what you want or will accept. Most importantly, you establish what you are opposed to, and respect each other’s’ boundaries as well. Make sure you are not being unfair and difficult

Pick Your battles

Working along with point 6, rest assured that this predicament was solely created by this difficult person. Don’t get all bent out of shape over trivial things. Generally, we are not going to agree with everyone we meet, especially with other alcoholics and addicts who are also having a hard time like us. You should not even be concerned with someone who is difficult to get along with. Don’t fight battles that are not worth your time.

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