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how to approach an alcoholic

Alcoholism is notoriously hard to treat, often because the person suffering from alcoholism refuses to accept help. They may even be unwilling to admit that they have a problem. Families of alcoholics struggle with how to help in this situation. It may seem confusing, frustrating or even hopeless when faced with the alcoholic’s defiance, denial, […]

recovery rehab

Rehab may not always be a place with the most compassionate or friendly individuals who earnestly discover themselves in treatment. For whatever reason, we may need to know the harsh reality that nobody wants to be here, and not everybody knows how to deal with their problems. Difficult personal circumstances like this can create difficult […]

Risk Factors of Developing Drug Addiction

Regardless of age, sex or economic status a person has can become addicted to drugs. The image shows certain factors affecting the likelihood and developing an addiction that includes family history of addiction, having another mental health disorder, peer pressure, lack of family involvement, anxiety, depression and taking the highly addictive drug.

Prevention and Facts About Overcoming Addiction

Recovering from addiction may be a hard process. Other people are easily hooked to addiction, as factor such as genetics or environmental issues can make substance abuse much more likely.  You need to find healthy ways to cope with stress. Seek therapy or counseling. Maintain a lifestyle that makes you happy. Have things in your […]

mixing drugs with alcohol

Drug addiction alone is dangerous in nature. More so if it is combined with alcohol addiction. There are many risk factors that can be lethal when an addict chose to combine alcohol and drugs. Mixing alcohol with drugs can quickly cause serious threat to your health and life. People may experience a variety of side […]